Our vision for The top

At “The Top” we strongly believe that all people have the right to good oral health accomplished via state-of-the-art dental treatment. Our mission on the face of the earth is to provide high quality dental treatments combined with an exceptional personal customer care. We hold the opinion that specialisation and innovation are the key components in providing safe, effective, long-term impeccable results! We are building this concept by saying no to mediocrity in dentistry and customer service and focusing our efforts only on the truly important. And that is excellence! We believe in specialisation- in employing and developing what each individual can do best. Rather than having one dentist perform all kinds of treatment on a mediocre level due to the lack of time to go in depth, we at “The Top” develop each member of our staff via highly qualified training based on his strengths, which allows us to innovate in a way that others cannot. And frankly, we do not settle for anything less than perfection on each level. Regardless of who is in what position- those values are so intrinsic and embedded from the very beginning in each team member of “The Top” that this company is set to do extremely well!

нашият екип от зъболекари

“The Top” Dental Clinic inspires its employees to be the best they can be for the only purpose of seeing the happy, content and beautiful patient smile in the end!

At “The Top”, we’re committed to achieving business and financial success while helping society be healthy – delivering what we call Excellence with Purpose. We help people enjoy life by offering a solution to health care like no one has seen before.

What makes “The Top” truly unique is that at each level of service we provide an environment for the patients that they have never seen before. We show how dentistry can actually be a unique and pleasant experience with lack of fear or pain.

What do we do to execute our mission statement?

Not only do we invest time and money on continued education courses that teach the latest in healthcare innovation and patient care, but we always keep the patient point of view in mind- what would he prefer to feel safer, happier and fully satisfied? Such a mindset helps us ensure that patients really enjoy every visit with us.
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