Bone Loss

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the problem

Bone loss can be localized or generated in the whole mouth. It can occur due to a periodontal disease, trauma, inadequate fillings, crowns or other restorations, missing teeth, infections, etc.


where it comes from

It is important that the problem is discovered as early as possible. If you have your gums bleeding or can see the roots of your tooth it is important to visit us as soon as possible.

Regular visits to a dental specialist are important for the prevention of many diseases – it is good to have a preventive examination every 6 months.

general treatment

The treatment options for the bone resorption depend on the cause. If it is due to periodontal disease, our periodontist will take care of you after diagnosing the severity of the process. There are surgical procedures involving bone grafting. It can be done for some types of periodontal pockets.

With ultrasonic cleaning and / or other periodontal manipulations, as well as training in proper oral hygiene, the process can be slowed down and even stopped.


what is
the solution

You have to visit a dentist every 6 months for a prophylactic checkup. It may not be visible to you, but your dentist can notice old fillings, crowns and bridges, which can cause trauma of the soft tissues around the teeth and therefore, bone loss.

If you have lost your teeth a long time ago and you have been told that you cannot have an implant, our professionals through oral examination and 3D scanner can give you a second opinion. Bone grafting can be made together with placement of the implant/s. At The Top, we use high quality grafting materials and surgical methods which have proven themselves in time.

Bone graft can also be performed following teeth extraction in order to create the hard structure in which an implant to be places later on.

With bone grafting, patients would have to wait for the result- usually between 3 and 6 months until the bone integrates and becomes hard enough. Even if this sounds scary to you, this is not a procedure you need to be afraid of. It is painless and predictable surgical intervention which is a routine for our specialists.

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