Broken teeth

More about
the problem

Broken or fractured teeth are a serious problem that we face every day in dental practice and which requires urgent intervention of the dentist.


where it comes from

Your teeth can break in many ways- for example while eating something hard, after trauma, etc. It is important to note that dead teeth that are not covered with a crown or partial crown can fracture more easily and breakage can lead to extraction of the respective tooth.

general treatment

In our clinic, after an oral examination, X-ray or 3D scanner, if needed, we will diagnose the fracture and its size and we will do everything possible to keep the tooth.


what is
the solution

The tooth fractures can also be different kinds and depending on that, have different solutions. Sometimes it is just a small part of the tooth that is broken and can be easily repaired with a composite material (filling material) in an inconspicuous way.

Often the fracture can affect the root of the tooth. In this case, it is necessary to devitalize the respective tooth and restore it with a crown.

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