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Crowded teeth are an orthodontic problem. They are an esthetic and functional issue. As a result of crooked teeth, cleaning becomes more of a challenge for the patient. Due to more plaque retention, decay and bone loss can easily occur.

where it comes from

Orthodontic anomalies are almost always fraught with problems with the bite, which in turn leads to rapid tooth extraction, reduced bite height, deteriorated appearance.

general treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be done for either children or adults. It is important that parents act immediately, when they see a problem with the alignment of their children’s teeth or bite.

what is
the solution

The solution usually begins with orthodontic devices which can be taken on and off. They can have different colors and with different images, so that your child loves them and wants to wear and show them more.

With adults, we perform treatments with braces or aligners. Braces can be ceramic, metal, etc. They are attached to the teeth and then with the help of certain orthodontic tools they start moving in the right direction, so that high esthetic and functional results are accomplished on time.

Another option is Invisalign treatment – this is a very popular method of treatment nowadays. It is based on aligners, which are transparent and can be taken off. There are a couple of different aligners, which are changed following a certain time. They align your teeth and correct your bite faster and can be easily unnoticed by someone who is not a dentist. They are worn throughout the day and night and taken off when eating and brushing your teeth. Better level of oral hygiene is possible with Invisalign.

The decision for the method of orthodontic treatment is taken after careful analysis of your teeth, photographs, digital scanning and radiographs.

Invisalign works with special software that visualizes all the steps of treatment. In that way the patient will be able to see from the beginning to the end result.

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