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The fear of dental treatment is one of the main reasons for the deteriorating oral health of a large part of the population and the appearance of varying degrees of complications that we ,as dentists face on a daily basis. One of the main challenges and difficulties in our work with patients is the fight against this fear.

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Dental phobia is a condition of pathological, irrational fear of dental manipulations that causes a lasting negative emotion only at the thought of dental treatment. Dental phobia is an acquired condition that is most often due to an old experience associated with pain, a negative feeling, or a lack of communication between the treating physician and the patient.

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The main mission of the The Top team is to provide our patients with a calm and safe environment. The communication between a dentist and patient is mainly to achieve mutual trust and the best desired result.

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At The Top Dental Center we do every procedure using local aesthetic. The patients do not feel any pain even during complicated surgical procedures. The pleasant atmosphere and the human approach from each one of the team will make you feel safe and happy that you have trusted The Top Dental Center.

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