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Globally, 50% of the population struggles with the problem of missing teeth. They affect not only aesthetics but also function. Even facial features can be affected – advanced tooth loss gives the face an aging appearance. This problem can reduce the quality of life and self-esteem.

where it comes from

Tooth loss can be caused by caries and its complications, in trauma and fracture, in periodontally compromised patients. In our clinic, we try to save every tooth, but sometimes the complications are so irreversible that extraction is the only option.

general treatment

After a tooth loss, it is very important for patients to seek immediate dental care and to make a decision to restore the missing tooth or teeth. Intervention, which isn’t on time, can complicate recovery due to bone loss, tooth displacement, or a change in bite.


what is
the solution

Once extracted, the missing tooth/teeth can be replaced in several ways. Of course, one of the best options nowadays is the dental implant/implants- which can be placed immediately after the extraction or after some time, depending on the clinical case. Dental implants replace the tooth in the most natural way, since they have similar anatomy- a “root” and crown. They do not affect the adjacent teeth, therefore, there is not a chance for them to get overloaded.

Another treatment option is the dental bridge- in some situations it is also a great choice- for example, when the adjacent teeth have big fillings and have had their root canals treated. A bridge replaces the missing tooth/teeth with an artificial crown, connected to the adjacent teeth, which are also covered with crowns. Another treatment choice is the adhesive bridge, but it has limited indications. The natural crown of the missing tooth can be used and attached to the adjacent teeth or an artificial crown can be made of filling material.

In our clinic, we will perform a 3D CT scan, intraoral scanning, photo pictures and then prepare a full treatment plan. We also work with Smile design, which would propose the best smile for you face. We will discuss all the options for replacing the missing tooth/teeth with the specialists in the dental team and then with the patient, so that his loss of tooth/teeth will be solved in the most esthetic and functional way.

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