THE TOP Educational Center

The Top applied Education Research Center (TERC) brings the latest knowledge of Dentistry together from all parts of the world. It is an international platform for dentists to improve their skills and knowledge from the best dental educators globally.

The Top Dental Clinic and a State of the Art Training Center Offer Continuing Dental Education under the same roof in Elipse Tower now!

The team of The Top Education & Research Center (TERC) is extremely passionate about spreading both practical and theoretical knowledge via holding courses covering all aspects of Dentistry. The course calendar and events are designed in such a way as to cover the needs of both, recently graduated dentists who have an interest to upgrade their skills as well as the ones who have been practicing for many years since the sector of Dentistry is constantly evolving.

Located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia it is also close to the airport and can easily be accessed via all types of transport.

The Center contains the following areas:

The Center contains the following areas: A seminar room, a hands-on area (simulation room) and a lounge terrace area. The learning experience is further enhanced and supported with the latest AV and online streaming equipment and set up to show live surgeries to the teams or online viewers.


Information on all upcoming courses and programs can be found on The Top Education Center website: Schedule – The Top Dental Education Center 



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