Fully digital Workflow

Digitalization in dentistry facilitates communication between doctors, patients and dental technicians. It also plays a key role in filing in minimally invasive treatments, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the dentist and dental technician!

Our digital department has the tools and the knowledge to finalize a patient construction in less than a day.


With the precise usage of our latest equipment such as our intra oral scanners we no longer need to take alginate impressions or with silicone and tray.

 Remember that feeling of alginate in your mouth and throat?

You can put that feeling safely behind you! Moreover, intra oral scanners provide accuracy better than ever before. Currently, we are able to scan your teeth and send the digital impression to our laboratory immediately, where our highly skilled dental technicians can download the file and print it on the 3D Printing machine or they can directly use your digital impression to model and mill your future crowns, bridges and veneers. With our (5 axis, 2 axis) milling machines we can produce zirconium, ceramics, composite or PMMA constructions in less than an hour.

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