Infrastructure and Location

Take a minute to think about where you live, work and spend most of your time. Maybe you have settled in the outskirts of the City , but work in the City center. Due to the size of Bulgaria’s capital city most people search for a Dental practice that offers a convenient infrastructure and transport connections and that is exactly what we at The Top Dental Clinic are able to offer!

Visit our convenient location and see for yourself- it will be something worth smiling about!

Forget about driving in circles to find the perfect parking space, forget about sending text messages each hour for green/blue zone, forget about parking in a shopping center that is extremely far from the front door!

The Top Dental clinic is located 10 minutes from the airport and a few minutes from the underground station “Inter Expo Center Tsarigradsko Shose”. There are 3 bus lines that can be used to visit the clinic and several train options available. Either rushing to the dentist’s appointment on your lunch break or after work, you would be happy to have chosen a clinic with such a communicative location. Our Clinic offers parking garage space, no steps to climb- elevator will be waiting for you and take you directly to our reception. 

Please, check below for further information:

  • The closest stations to Metro-Tsarigradsko shose (Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose) are:
    Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko Shose is 51 meters away, 1 min walk.
    Tsarigradsko Shosse Metro Station (1017) is 131 meters away, 2 min walk.
    Bl. 226 J.K. Friendship 2 / Bl. 226, Druzhba 2 Qr. (2417) is 1071 meters away, 14 min walk
  • State Printing House (0554) is 1073 meters away, 14 min walk
    Str. Obikolna / Obikolna St. (6213) is 1146 meters away, 15 min walk

The following bus lines stop near the metro station-Tsarigradsko shose (Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose): 1, 5, 6.

The following Train lines stop near Metro-Tsarigradsko shose (Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose): 1611, 8651.


The following metro lines stop near Metro-Tsarigradsko shose (Inter Expo Center – Tsarigradsko shose): M2.

Disabled access

We at The Top Dental Clinic have made reasonable adjustments to ensure that disabled people can access our services in a way as close as possible to that of a non-disabled person.

As well as anticipating the needs of disabled people, we will continue to assess how our premises and services can reasonably be improved for disabled people.

We are wheelchair accessible. Our friendly receptionists are able to further help and guide you once you arrive at the premises.

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