Today’s orthodontics offers more types of braces than ever before. They are: metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign. The metal braces are much smaller and lighter than most adults remember. They are made of stainless steel and are the least expensive type. They are glued to the tooth’s frontal surface and connected with a metal archwire. The archwires nowadays are heat-activated by your body’s temperature, so they make the process of teeth moving easier and less painful. The colored bands which connect the archwire to the braces can give a fashionable detail to your smile and gives a chance to you or your kid to express yourselves.


There are also braces- the Damon system, which do not need these type of elastic bands, since they use a slide mechanism for the archwire. This means less visits to the dentist, less friction and pressure on the teeth. They are easier to maintain.

Ceramic braces blend with the color of the teeth. The archwire is also white, so are the bands. They are less noticeable and make the orthodontic treatment less visible for the others for the conscious patients. They are more expensive, but move teeth faster.

During the orthodontic exam our specialists will perform intraoral examination, digital scanning of your teeth and 2 types of X-Ray. Sometimes a conventional impression might be taken. We will tell you what options for orthodontic treatment are best for you and then you can make an informed choice in regards your dental treatment. 

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