Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure, with which the shape and color of your frontal teeth can be changed just by composites. Dental bonding may be referred as a cheaper option than porcelain veneers. Composites nowadays are so advanced, that apart from the better mechanical qualities, they also have better aesthetic characteristics. There are dentin and enamel composites which imitate the opacity of dentin or the translucency of enamel. There are many colors which a patient can choose from in order for the exact shade of your teeth to be chosen. We also have different dyes, which can recreate enamel cracks, stains, bluish shade and all the characteristics of your natural teeth.


On the first visit, our restorative and esthetic dentistry specialist takes an impression of your upper and lower jaw. He can also take a digital impression together with photos and then ask you a few questions, which would help a smile design software to create the perfect shaped and sized teeth.

On the next visit, you may approve the design, which would be transferred in your mouth and say if you would like any changes to be made. Then, on the same or the next visit, the procedure of dental bonding is performed. Your teeth are isolated with a rubber dam sheet to keep the working field safe from saliva, breath or any humidity. This leads to long-lasting restorations. Then, through a guide, the cosmetic specialist starts adding composite on the needed surfaces. The procedure may take a few hours, but the result is stunning. With no preparation, your smile appearance is completely changed.
The advantage of bonding over the porcelain veneers is the lack of drilling and the cost. 

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