Dental Implants vs
DENTAL Bridges

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DENTAL IMPLANTS VS dental bridges on natural teeth

1. Dental implants can replace your natural tooth without detriment of the neighboring teeth. Usually, to make a bridge, the adjacent to the empty space teeth need to be drilled. If they do not have a big structure loss due to decay or previous large fillings, it is not the best option to take away healthy structures.

2. All of the teeth under a bridge are mutually connected. So, if one tooth has pain or any problem, the whole bridge has to be taken off. Sometimes even a new bridge would be needed, if the old one is cut in order to be taken off.

3. When a dental bridge is made, the adjacent teeth take all the chewing forces that fall on the missing tooth, which is replaced by a Pontic. This can worsen the condition of periodontally compromised teeth.

4. Dental implants look completely natural. They can’t be distinguished from the natural teeth. In our clinic, we also take really good care for your gums and form them in an esthetic way. Their biting strength is sometimes even better than the one of natural teeth. Implants completely return the function of the old tooth.

5. There are natural contacts between the teeth, and cleaning is more efficient.

6. If any problem with the crown occurs- if, for example, it breaks, it can be easily changed with a new one.

7. They have a long lifetime- they can last decades and even a lifetime. It depends only on the way you take care of them.

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