Dentures can be several types- complete and partial, conventional and on implants. Sometimes the tooth loss has reached a phase, where there are not enough teeth to support dental bridges or a complete tooth loss is present. This can lead to self-esteem problems, worsened facial appearance, chewing and eating incapability, TMJ problems. Conventional dentures are usually made of plastic or plastic with metal. They can be taken on and off. The partial dentures rely on passive retention and on retention to the teeth left. Complete dentures rely only on passive retention. This is especially hard when it comes to the lower jaw and there is not enough bone. They return some of the chewing function and make the facial appearance better. However, they have several disadvantages- because of their size, they worsen the taste receptors function, they can also flop while eating and do not meet the esthetic demands of some patients.


We have a solution for completely edentulous patients, which removes the discomfort a conventional denture would cause. The solution is fixed set of teeth, which is placed on a couple of implants- usually 4 to 6 in each jaw. This is the most functional and aesthetic option.
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