The treatment of tooth decay is one of the most common dental procedures. At The Top Dental Center we make sure that every detail of the procedure is performed in the best way possible.

After the caries is removed, some of the walls of your tooth are missing. They have to be rebuilt. There are several ways in which this could be made- with a composite filling, strengthened composite or ceramic fillings, depending on the tooth structure, which is missing.

In most cases, the tooth can be recovered with a simple composite filling. Today, we no longer use materials as amalgam. Nowadays good composites have high esthetic and mechanical properties. There are even separate materials for recreating dentin and enamel. This is especially useful for frontal teeth!


At The Top Dental Center we make every filling with a rubber dam. It is a rubber sheet, which allows only one tooth or several teeth to be isolated from the saliva and bacteria in the human mouth. Thus, the working field is dry and the filling lasts better in time. We also recreate the natural anatomy and function of the tooth.

One may say “Why would I need a beautiful anatomy of a molar, which no one can see?”. The truth is, this can prevent many problems in the long-term and allows for a better chewing ability. Usually, the lifetime of a composite filling is 10 years, but they have to be polished at least every year. Sometimes, for example after removing an old amalgam filling, or when the decay has already developed on a big surface, a direct composite filling is no longer a decision, since it can break over time. Then, the so called partial crowns or indirect fillings are made. They can be made either of strengthened composite or porcelain materials, depending on the clinical case. 

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