Gum lift & contouring & gummy smile reduction

There is a special name in dentistry for the beautiful appearance of gum tissue. It is called “pink aesthetics”. Together with the teeth, which give the “white aesthetics” the synchronicity of your smile will be accomplished. Sometimes, after triggering factors, for example orthodontic treatment, hormones, some medicines or just because of genetic factors, your gums may appear puffier, uneven and covering more of the tooth crown than the normal level. This makes the teeth look smaller. This type of smile is called “a gummy smile” since the balance between tooth structures and gums is disrupted. The part of dentistry which studies the gum and bone tissues is called periodontology. In our clinic, our periodontal specialist will take care of your gum problems.


After an initial diagnostic exam, our specialist will estimate how much of the gums may be reshaped and in which way. 

There is a certain amount of tissues that can be cut, so that the standard of biological width is not disrupted. The biological width is a certain amount of gum tissue, which has to be present above the bone level. We will take an impression and create a surgical guide for the operation. This way, a chance for mistakes is taken down to a minimum. This simple and non-invasive procedure can give your smile a much better appearance. The recovery period takes around 2 weeks and there is little to none postoperative pain.

There is also another solution for the gummy smile since sometimes it is related to smile muscles which lift too much above the gum line. With the use of Botox, the muscle activity decreases slowly. In most cases, 2 injections are just enough for an effect lasting 6 months. It is important that this procedure is performed by specialist in order negative side effects to occur.

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