When hearing about orthodontic treatment, many patients still imagine the nerd from old movies with big metal braces. Nowadays orthodontic treatment has advanced to a degree, where it can go unnoticeable for many people. Although it has become really fashionable to have bright braces with different colors elastic bands, we can offer our patients, which would like their orthodontic treatment to be camouflaged, clear braces and Invisalign treatment.


Clear braces have the same function of metal ones, but they are made out of ceramic. They blend with the tooth color. The arch which is put in the slots of the braces, can also be white, same about the elastic bands.

The orthodontic treatment starts with careful intraoral exam, digital scanning, molding of diagnostic models and X-rays. This help creation of a treatment plan by our orthodontic specialists. Then, the braces are bonded to the teeth and by different orthodontic tools the teeth start moving in the needed direction. The treatment may take several months to years, depending on the complicity of the case. Moreover, the teeth should move slowly, so that no problems with the gums or bone occur. The patient needs to come for regular check-ups. The good oral hygiene is really important to prevent decays and gums inflammation.

Even a less noticeable option is the Invisalign treatment. After a consultation with our specialist, we will determine whether your case is suitable for this treatment. Invisalign presents clear aligners, which are transparent and adjust to the patient’s teeth. They can be taken off while eating, which creates better conditions for maintaining good oral hygiene. You may also see how you would look like in the end of the treatment since the very beginning!

After the initial exam, in which our orthodontist has defined that Invisalign is the type of treatment you will need, a digital impression of the upper and lower jaw is taken. A series of photos are made. Then a special computer model recommends the way your orthodontic treatment would go. It consists of a couple of aligners, which will be changed on different stages, since your teeth start slowly moving in the wanted direction. The aligners have to be worn around 20 hours a day for 14 days- after which time they are exchanged with a new aligner.

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