Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is a part of dentistry which deals with diagnosis, prevention and correction of teeth and jaws dispositions. It gives you a great smile with ordered teeth and both protects you from and corrects functional problems. The treatment road requires patience and regular check-ups, but the final result is impressive and performed in a biological way.

There are different orthodontic appliances, suitable in individual cases depending on the age, the problem and the budget. Usually, the orthodontic appliances are divided into ones which can be taken off- non-fixed and ones, which can’t- fixed.


Orthodontic treatment can be performed for both adults and children. With children, the sooner the orthodontic treatment starts, the better. Our pediatric dentists can see some signs of early orthodontic deformations even while the teeth of your child are temporary.

Children will be referred to our orthodontists. They will use some orthodontic appliances when needed to create space for the permanent teeth or to fight some harmful habits- like sucking a finger, breathing through the mouth, teeth grinding.

For children with both milk and permanent teeth which is approximately from 6 till 12 years old, the signs of deformations are even more visible. The treatment is really successful since the jaws are growing and the process can go into the direction we would like. It is the best time for the correction of deep bite, open bite, cross bite, crowding, missing teeth, lack of space, under or hyper development of the jaws. Both braces and orthodontic appliance may be used. The orthodontic appliances can have various colors and pictures, so that your child likes and wants to wear them. In order an orthodontic appliance to be made, an impression of the jaws has to be taken first.

After the age of 13 the braces and Invisalign are the methods of choice.

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