Porcelain Veneers

Have you dreamed of a Hollywood smile? Fortunately, this dream can come true in our Clinic, by the help of world-renowned specialists in restorative and esthetic dentistry. Veneers represent porcelain partial crowns, which are usually bonded to the frontal wall of your teeth- like a “shell”. They can include 6 frontal teeth or more or less- 10, 12, depending on the wishes the patient has. Porcelain is a material with great optical qualities, and its structure is resistant to wine, coffee and other stains. It is basically indistinguishable from natural tooth structures.


Veneers are made after careful planning. In our clinic, we work with a smile design software, which after an initial interview and several photo pictures, creates a look, which is in complete synchronicity with your facial features and even personality. Then, a 3D model of the perfect smile is printed in our laboratory.
After that, our specialists transfer the design in your mouth, to show you what you would look like. You may say what you approve and what you would like us to change, until you see your dream smile in the mirror. Then, the teeth are prepared- just some of their enamel is drilled, the dentin remains unaffected. In some cases, no drilling is necessary at all! You leave the Clinic with temporary veneers. On the next visit, we try in the ready porcelain veneers and if you are satisfied with the result, we bond them to the teeth and the perfect result is achieved- you can smile widely at the world!
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