Same day implants

Same day implants or immediate loading is a procedure which will save you some trips to the dental clinic in some cases, when there are right conditions for its performance. The “new tooth” will be placed up to 48 hours after the surgical placement of the implant. This is extremely suitable for patients who are about to lose or have lost a frontal tooth.

There are certain indications for this type of implant treatment. During your intraoral exam and after 3D, our implantologist will tell you whether you are a suitable case for this type of treatment. Usually, it can be done when you are in good overall health, you are not a heavy smoker and have good quality and quantity of bone tissue. It can be performed right after an extraction of the tooth where the implant will be placed or a healed site.


After careful planning, the surgery is performed. Before the surgery, our lap technicians will make a surgical and prosthetic guide which will help you implantologist to place the implant precisely in the planned location. It can be done with opening a flap or flapless- depends on the clinical case.

The implant has to have good primary stability in order immediate loading to be performed. This means that it is “well seated” in the bone. If the implant does not have good primary stability, immediate loading can’t be done. We will measure the primary stability by a device, called implant stability meter. Then an abutment is put (the abutment connects the implant with the crown) which has the color of the tooth and on it, a temporary crown. Usually, the temporary crown does not have contacts with the opposite jaw teeth (antagonists). The healing process takes around 3 months until a permanent crown can be put. More than one implant can be immediate loaded.

The immediate loading procedure has several advantages- there is only one surgical procedure for the patient, the treatment time is shortened and you leave the Clinic without a missing tooth.

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